In Pursuit Of A Better Way

Our story

Before starting Routeworthy, one of our partners founded and built up a leading asset-based specialized transportation company and spent more than 20 years overseeing the delivery of over-dimensional loads for some of the world’s leading companies including ABB, GE, CAT, Siemens and Metso. Another partner was a senior projects and operations specialist for a specialized logistics organization serving Fortune 500 companies and leaders in the industries of aerospace, mining, oil and gas, engineering and power. Like others on our team, both partners were involved daily in shipping challenging loads across the US and Canada, working closely with pilot car providers and coordinating pilot car availabilities across multiple borders to get the job done.

And here’s what we all saw…

While companies strived to become more efficient by making intelligent use of technology, the time-consuming way that carriers connect with pilot cars remained unchanged for decades. Pilot car providers continue to face their own timeless challenges: risk, cash flow, margins and the cost of empty miles.

A Better Way

We know exactly what you go through every day because we have done it. We knew it was finally time to make things a whole lot easier and bring our industry’s antiquated processes into the 21st century. Enter our third partner: an accomplished senior software developer who was architecting web applications for a Global 500 organization and one of Fortune’s World’s Most Admired Companies.

Together, we took our real-world understanding of the challenges your company faces and developed a smart, simple solution. It’s a better way for you to do business. And it makes your hard road a bit easier.

So, how do you make our two decade-long story into a short one? Like this.

We’re one of you. We get it. And we know Routeworthy can help you.