More Paid Miles

A better way to connect with carriers

More than just instantly matching your pilot car availabilities with carrier loads across the US and Canada, we developed our solution to help you overcome everyday challenges. Like delayed payments that hurt your cash flow. Having to share profits with brokers. Risks that force you to turn away new customers and smaller accounts. Restricting your territory to avoid running back empty. And administration and billing processes that eat up time.

Routeworthy can eliminate those headaches. And it’s FREE for pilot car providers. Sign up today.

How it works

Post your availability

Just post where you’ll be, when and where you’re prepared to go. Use your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. It’s so easy.

Connect with matching loads

Your availability is instantly matched to posted loads from carriers across North America and you can contact each other directly.

Seal the deal

Choose who you want to work with. Which load to take. Where to run and at what rate. How you want to be paid and how fast. Accept offered Order Confirmations with a click of a button. It’s all part of Routeworthy.

Get paid your way

Fast. Risk Free. Guaranteed.

Our Story

Before we built Routeworthy, we spent 40+ years planning and running oversized loads and collaborating with pilot car companies across North America. We know exactly what you go through every day because we’ve been there and done that. We get that it’s a hard road. So we made it a whole lot easier by building a solution that solves everyday challenges.

No hidden fees. No profit sharing. No BS. Just smart, simple solutions and a better way for you to do business. That’s what Routeworthy is all about.

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