Get Paid Your Way

Get paid by carriers

Routeworthy is not a broker. You choose which loads to take, where to run and at what rate. You and carriers can contact each other directly and you can receive payment for your services directly from them per their usual terms. All at zero cost to you because Routeworthy is a free solution for pilot car providers.

Get paid fast by Routeworthy

Need money faster than a carrier prefers to pay? Uncertain about a new customer and the risk of non-payment? Looking to boost your short-term cash flow? On any given load, you can choose guaranteed and much faster payment by us. You’ll receive your money less a small one-time fee (3.75% of your invoice) in a single payment from Routeworthy within 2 business days.

This isn’t invoice factoring or financing or lending. You are not “selling” us your invoices. There are no additional costs, hidden fees, repeated charges or credit payments. No matter how long it takes for the carrier to pay us, you will be paid within 2 business days after we receive your invoice. You can use this fast payment option on one load and get paid directly from a carrier on the next one. Whatever works best for you and your business. No strings attached.

You will be paid within 2 business days after we receive your invoice.

You can choose this payment option directly from your Routeworthy account on a load-by-load basis. And there is no lengthy application process. All we need is your authorized request and copies of the finalized Order Confirmation (available via your account), bill of lading and your invoice.

Get paid fast, easy, risk-free and guaranteed. We’ll take care of the rest.