Real-time Business Your Way

How it works

Routeworthy matches up your pilot car availabilities with carrier loads in real time. Then we make it very easy for you to connect and do risk-free business while automating and streamlining some of your standard, everyday business processes.

Tailor-designed by experienced specialized transport veterans who completely understand what you do, Routeworthy is an easy to use and FREE solution for pilot car providers in the US and Canada.

Post your availability

Post where you’ll be and when. Show where you’re prepared to go with the click of a button. Offer your lead, pole or rear vehicle and submit. Getting business is that easy.

Connect with matching loads

Your availability is instantly matched to posted loads from carriers across North America. They contact you directly. You set your rate. You choose who to work with and which load to take. No brokering. No hidden fees to consider. No headaches.

Do the deal

Order Confirmations are issued by carriers and you can accept them with ease - all from your account page. You can also choose how you want to be paid and how fast. You can take on new customers risk-free and run more paid miles. It’s all part of Routeworthy.

Get paid your way

Fast. Risk Free. Guaranteed.

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